28 aprile, 14-17. Organizzato da CEFEC (Social Firm Europe) e REVES (European Network of Cities & Regions for Social Economy) in collaborazione con Dafne-Donors and Foundations Networks in Europe e ECFI (European Community Foundation Initiative), questo terzo e ultimo appuntamento della serie di webinar “Social economy stimulating the transformative potential of communities” si focalizzerà su come fondazioni, enti filantropici e gli investitori privati ad impatto supportano lo sviluppo dell’economia sociale locale e i suoi attori, con una particolare attenzione al ruolo che le fondazioni di comunità  giocano in questo senso.


Di seguito si riporta il programma dell’evento (scaricabile qui)


Foundations supporting local social economy for 2030 Agenda

Foundations and philanthropic organizations have some unique features in mobilizing resources (financial, human, intellectual ones) for the common good.
Autonomy, flexibility, capacity to take risk and innovate, long-term vision that distinguish them from public donors and other actors. Their potential in supporting social enterprises and achieving social impact does not merely resides in the quantity of the resources they make available rather in their quality and the vast array of tools they can leverage (e.g. their endowment, their network of contacts, etc.). Different in scope and focus, foundations, especially community foundations, have not only been working on a global and national level but also on the local one, to support, accompany and promote the development of communities.
But how foundations and funders have been supporting local social economy organizations so far? What challenges have they faced? Which is the unique role of community foundations, within the 2030 Agenda framework, in enhancing the development of local social economy and stimulate the transformative potential of communities? How can they connect the local and global level, undertaking local actions for the global good?
These are some of the questions that will be explored during this third and last seminar, organized by CEFEC (Social Firms Europe) and REVES in collaboration with Dafne – Donors and Foundations Networks in Europe and ECFI (European Community Foundation Initiative). This webinar will examine the role of social investors and private funders, in supporting local social enterprises in Europe, with a deep dive on few significant experiences from Italy. In particular, by drawing from concrete experiences, it will also deepen, in the second panel, the role of community foundations in connecting local action for global good for the 2030 Agenda.

14.00-14.10 Welcome and introduction

14.10-15.20 Social investor and private funders supporting local social economy

Moderator: Carola Carazzone, Chair of Dafne-Donors and Foundations Networks in Europe and Secretary General of Assifero (Italian association of grantmaking foundations)

15.20-15.40 Break

15.40-17.00 Community foundations connecting local actions for global good: their role in promoting transformative potential of communities

  • James Magowan, Coordinating Director of ECFI (European Community Foundation Initiative) “Local action for global good: an introduction on why and how Community Foundations should and are embracing the SDGs”
  • Giacomo Pinaffo, Project Manager of Fondazione di Comunità di Messina“A systemic approach in supporting local social economy and transforming communities within the SDGs framework”
  • Liz Sams, Chief Finance and Operations Officer of Foundation Scotland “The role of the endowment management and investments decision in achieving local solutions and supporting the transformative potential of communities”
  • Giovanni Grasso, President of Fondazione di Comunità della Val di NotoSupporting social economy organizations in the rural areas and promoting the growth of the economic and social fabric of the community