Here below are reported the main points emerged during a dialogue with Antonella Dentamaro, Vice President of Fondazione Nando and Elsa Peretti, are reported

Fondazione Nando ed Elsa Peretti is a family foundation, with headquarters in Italy, Liechtenstein and Spain, that deals with a wide variety of global issues, ranging from education, reducing inequalities, wildlife and animals’ care. As soon as the pandemic hit, they became really worried about the social and economic consequences of the lockdown in the South of Italy.

Since they had never before operated in this area, they decided to start a dialogue with Assifero to gather new clues and insights to understand better the situation and how to proceed. The association first suggested to get in contact with Fondazione CON IL Sud, the point of reference for foundations in the South to get a better grip on what was being done, the needs of the territories, and the programs undertaken locally and on institutional level.

After gathering all the information, Fondazione Nando ed Elsa Peretti decided to have a second dialogue with Assifero, which suggested to support directly community foundations in the South since they had a clear idea of the needs of the communities and even a small sum could have a much greater impact.

Subsequently, the foundation decided to support the following organisations and allocate resources:

  • Fondazione di Comunità San Gennaro (Naples)
    • Economic support for 80 families in economic and social distress. Resources made available: 40.000€
    • Economic support for March and April to social cooperatives that employee people with disabilities. Resources made available: 10.000€
  • Fondazione Comunitaria di Agrigento e Trapani (Sicily)
    • Economic support to create an ethic e-commerce that would sell goods and products from local Third Sector organizations. People could also use this platform to pay for things people need and donate to them.

Resources made available: 50.000€

  • Fondazione di Comunità di Val di Noto (Sicily)
    • Economic support to buy 117 kit (tablet+credit charge + earphones) and 100 telephone credit charges for 213 children and their families in the territory and to contribute to ordinary expenses for family in distress (bills, pharmacists etc).

Resources made available: 40.000€

The foundation has sped up its internal funding procedures: it did not put in place any grant agreement and decided to base these new relationships on trust, feeling also that Assifero reassurance on those organizations was a solid starting point.

Fondazione Nando ed Elsa Peretti has been extremely satisfied for the impact achieved and they have stated that this could be the beginning of a fruitful trust-based collaboration between the organization and the community foundations.